Lee’s interview for Index Living Mall – July 2016 Issue: “Create inspiration for your living space”

(For the vietnamese version, following these link: click here)

1/ Is your living space is much important to you? Do you have any requirements in your own living space such decoration, lights and the furniture?

_ There is one quote which I’m much appreciated from favorite American interior designer Nate Berkus “Your home should tell the story of who you are and be a collection of what you love”, well this is true! For me, the living space have a lot of influence over emotions, mental sence and health as well. Wherever you go and what you do , the final destination is still your living space. Besides, esthetic have a strong correlation to the living space because it could show the personalities and satisfy the owner.

Maybe this is one of the well-known stereotype, however, I am a person who is much into “Minimalsm” also known as “Less is more” for interior design style -. This style is showing the value of the space (the essence of architecture is space), this represents a spacious living space, full of lights, less details and furniture, all the details needs to be in the right position but still retaining their basic uses.

2/ Inside your living space, which room do you like best and express your personalities? Could you share us about your favorite ?

_It’s my bedroom and then the living room, said “decorate” is a bit exaggeration but these 2 places are where I always spend my time with, one place where I found my inner peace, and another one where I feel full of energy.

Well, I have a favorite habit is recording photos of every beautiful things or moments that I accidentally see wherever I go, and then I use it as my inspiration in order to develop more ideas within my own experiences, finally, I start to make it real and bring it into my own living space.
3/ What will your ideal working space decorated like? What style? May you share us your favorite furniture things you use in order to express your own personality for your room?

 _As I mentioned, I would stay with “minimalist”. In my opinion, not just only me, people who work in creative field always want a spacious & separate space in order to concentrate, find inspirations and come up with creative ideas.

My workspace will use the basic color codes (monochromatics) such as gray, neutral black , pure white. The key design factors include a mixture with one accent color which are secondary colors. I used to try wtith prints and it was really interesting (such as plaid , op-art ). If you are convinced, the white wall would be as the plain background to demand the uses of surroundings furniture, it is also make a great visual effect for a larger and more open space of your room.

Thank you for your sharing Lee!





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