There was a time wearing just one coat or jacket was enough to prove your style as a man, but agrhh, think again! It’s a clear sign of your tragic and inexorable fall from boss to basic.. Well, upping your “layering game” is key to holding your recent own style to make it betta. Try it! There are certain key factors to making this look work: weight, lengths, and the contrast… At least, you tend to pile padded puffer on top of the great coat, it means you absolutely hit the ultra-cool look! By the way, if i say the suit is dead, long live the tracksuit, who would be agree? lolx

Black puffer coat: ‪#‎ZARAMAN‬
Polka-dots printed blazer: ‪#‎TOPMAN‬
Geometric printed wider-legged jogger: #ZARAMAN
Oversized round-neck tee: ‪#‎HM_Studio‬
Monochrome high-top shoes: ‪#‎DIESEL‬
Beanie: #HM_STUDIO
Camelia flower: ‪#‎CHANEL_THESOUVENIR‬

Photographed by Kelvin Darmawang

5B5A8755(1)Wearing track-pants with blazer jacket was a impress try!


5B5A8762(1)Padded puffer on top of the great coat, why not?


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