Mercedes-Benz Australia Fashion Week Cruise 2016’s Diary

Attending to Mercedes-Benz Australia Fashion Week Cruise 2016 is a good experience of mine; there are many inspiring people & show goers in attendance from different places such editors, fashionista, fashion insiders, designers & stylists…. It is a very bustling atmosphere, from the backstage to outside.

When: 12:00PM (WIP) I was in the backstage with my friend, Chad Nguyen in order to give a hand to prepare for his cruise collection presented in the same show. After that, I take a short time going around the backstage area, everything is going smoothly and professional, people really concentrate on their works.

When: 3:00PM Time to change my outfit and then going outside to have some street-style shoots, I go see and meet both local & international fashionistas here. I wear an neoprene deconstruction top by local designer #HaNhatTien matching with net-short of #Culture-Kings, shoes & studded black backpack from #Christian Louboutin and #Chaddie sunglasses mixed with metallic chains.

Repost from Fabio Haman, thank you for having me in your shoot!


Designer Spotted at Mercedes Benz Sydney Fashion Week Cruise 2016: Chad Nguyen (from CHADDIE) is here!


When: 3:30PM Stay tunes: It’s show time! The show divided into 7 mini different presents by students from Raffle with separated styles such as Chaddie by Chad Nguyen, Jraa, Leah Williams, Gemma Saccasan, Iva Pfeiffer, De la Motte and Queency. Let’s have a look on designers’ collections.

Who: CHADDIE by Chad Nguyen

This season, Chad Nguyen brings the trend “no concept / freedom dressing” into the collection, he absolutely knows how to take-over the spotlight by his minimalist aesthetics, elegant and classy styles and utilising diversity colour pallet such neutral beige, white, midnight blue, kelly green, tomato red, iced blue and dusty pink. Perhaps his great intuition of fashion trends, his collection has these all “must-have” items and very on fleek, each pieces could be able to wear everyday. My favourite looks of mine are silhouette strapless dress with pleating details, silk layered slip-dress with double high-slit, lacing bralet with high-waist petal-hemline skirt, black dress with bell-sleeves and favourite red trench coat.


Who: J Raa Jennifer Raquel Alonzo

The modern Asian theme of Jaar’s collection inspired from her trip to Japan, I’m so sure her collection is much encouraging from the way she dresses herself with the styles coming from the 90’s sub-cultured street fashion such preppy, hip-hop and indie. The collection contains both menswear & women’s wear with the young & fun spirit, colourful and full of prints. My favourite pieces of her collection are lacing over-sized bomber jacket, every men’s wide-leg jumpsuit and the strapless co-ord final look.

Who: Leah Williams

The rest of Leah’s collection “Aurora” is the good combination of conceptual fashion and ready-to-wear, inspired from everyday favourite style, norm-core, she has done the styling for her collection pretty well and not afraid of trying the new ways of combining colours to make a good contrast for her whole collection. I like the way she turns her designs into asymmetric, bold and a bit exaggerated. Multi-colours wrap coat, wide-leg palazzo Bauhaus inspired and long-sleeves mini dress with lacing slip-dress are all my picks for her collection.

Who: De la Motte

 Neutrals is going no where, De la Motte completes her collection with a new mood of simplicity by utilising the unapologetically mellow palette such nude, serenity blue, custard… and basic ways of dressing (Be comfy – Less layers). Moreover, her collection reminds me of the Vintage Ivy-League Style in the early of 1940’s but more fashion-forward when oversizing the oxford shirt, see though light-weight tank-top and sandals instead of wingtip shoes. Among 7 designers, De La Motte is the one whose designs most of them are men’s swear, this is how she takes attention when expanding herself. My favourite looks are all white linen suit and oversized paintbrush prints with white shorts.


Who: Iva Pfeiffer

I would love to call her collection as a “Satin Party” when the key material is Silk Satin, Light-weight Crepe and Linen. This season, Iva shows her strength of accessory design when adding flower-shape bracelet and headwear which are really harmoniously matching with the makeup and garment. Iva also bring the democratic ways of dressing with clean-cut design express the freedom spirit and the trend “wearing without bras” trends from the women’s in 1920’s.

Gemma Sacan

There are 3 things to know of Gemma’s collection this season is unrestrictive of feminist, generous combination of materials (a little or a lot) such as organza, silk satin & lurex and the classic touch… Her debut collection is like a multi-frame of colours when portraying individuality with randomness styling for your everyday outfit, very graceful and relevant to the office chic and gala-goers. I am so sure that her brand’s lover will find their favourited pieces to put on.

 Who: Queency Yustiawan 

Queency represents her collection within the “Less is more” anthem when just using almost 2 monochrome colours-tone such black and white for her whole collection. She absolutely brings the upper level of “minimalist is in the air” with a really clean-cut, oversized shape, however, it’s a little bit risky n’ safe when Queency utilise the well-worn geometry stripes as her prints but that’s such a clever idea to make the looks more sophisticated and could certainly strike enough to make people look at them.

 When: 4:00PM The show finally ends, that’s really great to see all the collections of 7 young talented designers from Raffle Sydney. Hope y’all enjoy the entry! x


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