There is one rule is a must: Wear the clothes, don’t let them wear you! – Basically just black, grey, brown, navy and white which makes my life a lot easier. First, decide on your colour palette and know which ones will really work for you, then pick several shades that fit, however, different tones add depth, but they must work in tandem! On another hand about menswear, everything is in details, such as taped seams not a logo, head-to-toe tonal dressing is such the ideal keynote for your routine outfits. Textures is an important consideration neither, i would use suede, flecked wools and leather or some cool herringbone to add variation and the depth of my look!

Longline round neck t-shirt & Hoodie jacket: #TopMan
Safari statement coat mixed with metallic chains: #TedBaker
Spandex short : #HM_Studio
Hightop Sneaker: #Versace
Wallet handbook: #MCM
Snapback: #Topshop_Unique





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