While making room in your closet for this year trends, don’t forget this most must-have item, a bomber jacket! There are the true things: this kind of outerwear is such a pleasure with menswear! When you buy a right ones, you can have it for years but still always on-trend that won’t date. This season, bomber jacket stepped into the mainstream when appear on all upper-labels, from local designer to high street brands and been adopted by various subcultures: skin-heads, teddy-boys, mods and geek-chics… You can consider a long-line bomber jacket and various materials, i’m surely tweed with glitter threads inside is gonna change your mind, from classic to funky! Go experiment with tailoring besides the favourited tracksuits, try using one in place of your blazer or layering a lightweight version under your suit jacket, team with the sneaker to complete the outstanding look!

Longline statement tweed jacket with boxy pocket: #Chaddie

Graphic prints round neck t-shirt: #TedBaker

Spandex Short: #H&M_Studio

Snapback: #Jumpman

Mirror Cat Frame Sunglasses: #Chaddie

Velvet hightop sneaker with embellishment details & Spiky pouch: #ChristianLouboutin




_CHA9776 copy.jpg

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