Wanna have an elegant, bold and extremely look – go back to your suits! In my opinion, wearing tailoring is a way to complete your dress-to-kill dress code, making a man look more power, especially for the gala-goers. According to this season, the double-breasted has served its time in timeout, the smell of officer dressing or bankers finally scrubbed off, DB has been upgraded when it has more models, which means less structure, slimmer shapes and any colour, pattern or even textures so long as it not’s pinstripes and checked. Suit up now, put your jacket on and wear it with chino, wide-leg trouser or light wash denim. Moreover, there are styling tips of mine for hot temperature like now, your outfit is in the quest for cool, try to wear with tee to breath easier, remember, don’t let your suits turn so boring without accessories, pick the right brooches, pocket squared and mighty metallic detailed.. Suits is just perfect when it fits you and so detailed!

Double-breasted tuxedo jacket with the string detail & Wide trouser tailor pants: #TheMikeStyle

Statement Spiky Bag: #ChristianLouboutin

Fur Loafer & Notebook: #Gucci

Camelia Brooch: #Chanel

Pocket Square: #Kiton





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