“PERFECT BASICS” – Cover Story featuring actor LƯƠNG MẠNH HẢI

“PERFECT BASICS” – Wearing this seasons ornamental, sophisticated neo-classic, Lương Mạnh Hải poses tricky to show his strong personalities and cheerful vibes. This shoot is also another mark down for his comeback role in the film “Lost In Paradise 2”.


Photographer TUAN FR (@phucnguyen33) | Actor LUONG MANH HAI | Stylist KHUAT NANG VINH (@hangnguyen_0405) | Makeup & Hair Artist: THAC CUTIE |


LMH Feature Shooting2.jpg

He totally slays the beauty shot with the attractive attitude

LMH Feature Shooting3.jpg

Luong Manh Hai shows his tricky poses and wears KELLY BUI velvet head-to-toe tailoring suits, CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN monochrome oxford shoes, LOUIS VUITTON trunks go ornamental in the shoot

LMH Feature Shooting4.jpg

Luong Manh Hai with his funky pose, he models ĐỨC DUY tuxedo stripes jacket & Tailoring trouser

LMH Feature Shooting5.jpg

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