Retro Sportswear: You know the score! Mean while the embellishment is just so try-hard, you better renew your style with the boldest colors. Trust me, a man should know his stunting limits so put on your coat, have a thumbs-up style statement and sticking out like a sore one! The streets served up plenty of wearable statement options, when checks are still big, as are stripes and looser silhouette, while colors like red and light gray let you stand-out without blinding anyone in the process.

To complete from A-Z for the look, pick your coat as a key piece then choose two-pieces matching tracksuits, less layers, concentrate on the colors and fabric with careful attention to detail, when everything is done meant you are ready for the total look!

Mi-parti trench coat with zip details: Vinnie-Allery
Long-line T-shirt: #PAULSMITH
Velvet two pieces tracksuits & neutral cap: #ZARA
Mirror sun-glass: Dior#Jadior
Mini tric-trac portfolio bag: #CHRISTIAN_LOUBOUTIN
High top sneaker: #Diesel

Photographed by Rules Lê





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