“GLAMENCO ATTRACTION” on STYLE: Vietnam Magazine 03/2017: The Passion Issue

In this issue, gorgeous model Thuy Trang poses strikingly and showing her Flamenco dance steps as the Espana Women, she’s totally slayed while Fashion Editor Khuat Nang Vinh dresses her into the edgy glamorous style of eclectic Spanish fashion. Whether wearing the long silk-satin gown, retro glam vest with feather, ruffles effects, polka dots print flared trouser and blouses. Lensed by Phan Vo, the model turns wows in each images!


Art Director & Styling KHUAT NANG VINH | Photographer PHAN VO (@phan_vo) | producer SIEU HOA, TRUNG NHAT | Model THUY TRANG (@thuytrang_2310) | Makeup & Hair Artist: MID NGUYEN (@midnguyen) | Publicity STYLE: VIETNAM MAGAZINE


style-glamenco-atttaction-2017-0304_1Thuy Trang shows her golden legs with CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN pump heels and holding CAROLINA HERRERA fans while wearing floral print stretch dress VERSACE


Thuy Trang poses in CAROLINA HERRERA polka dots print outfit, combined with PHAM HOANG NHAN feather tailored jacket and CHADDIE short-length velvet jumpsuit, accessorized the looks with LOVISA jewel earrings


Holding CAROLINA HERRERA fans showing her flamenco dance steps while THUY TRANG dressed in CAROLINA HERRERA polka dots print outfit & PHAM HOANG NHAN feather jacket

style-glamenco-atttaction-2017-0304_4THUY TRANG absolutely wows in those images while modelling VERSACE tailored suit & necklace and CAROLINA HERRERA silk satin gown, showing her legs in CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN pump heels


THUY TRANG shows her acts while wearing PHUONG MY ruffles layer long dress, CAROLINA HERRERA lace dress, combined with PHAM HOANG NHAN feather jacket, CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN pump heels


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