Gracing the pages of Fashion Spreads of STYLE: Vietnam 07/2017 issue, lensed by photographer Phan Vo, brings a chic and colourful ensembles and the fun wild sides of eating, fashion meets food, eat your heart out! Since eating has never looked so well, fashion editor Khuat Nang Vinh dresses the top model Le Thanh Thao from the high-key to the low-key looks, in the design of Christian Dior, Hermes and local designers such as Chaddie, Vinnie-Allery and accessories from Bell & Ross, Casadei & Lovisa.


Fashion Editor & Styling KHUAT NANG VINH (@leekhuat) | Photographer PHAN VO (@phan_vo) | producer MINH NGOC | Model LE THANH THAO (@lethanhthao1303) | Makeup & Hair Artist: BI TO (@tochuongtrung) | Publicity STYLE: VIETNAM MAGAZINE


Style-so00094-2017-06-a-61-bst-2Le Thanh Thao tastes her finger and poses in Christian Dior outfit, Casadei combat boots

Style-so00094-2017-06-a-63-bst-22Eating has never looked so well, Le Thanh Thao shows off her fun sides while dressed in Christian Dior outfit and Chaddie sequin off-shoulder dress

Style-so00094-2017-06-a-63-bst-33Model poses in Chaddie sequin dress and Hermes tweed outfits, accessorized by Bell & Ross and Casadei chained shoes

Style-so00094-2017-06-a-67-bst-2Eating cherry on the billiard table, Le Thanh Thao poses in Christian Dior total look and Bell & Roses watch

Style-so00094-2017-06-a-63-bst-44Eating Godiva chocolates, the young beauty models Hermes outfit and Stuart Weitzman thigh-high boots

Style-so00094-2017-06-a-63-bst-55Into the fun-sides with hamburger and milk, Le Thanh Thao dresses in the designs of Hermes, Dior and Vinnie-Allery


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